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1 hour Mailbag!

00:00 - Pleo the Dinosaur!
The Commodore Collector:
06:23 - Amazing workbench of the week from voltnut Xdevs!
14:25 - DEC VAX 370/11 135A 5V PSU teardown
22:22 - Emizon MCM Electronics alarm panel + AdPlayer LCD screen
Mike's LED Shed:
31:29 - GVDA GD128 Colour LCD Multimeter
45:37 - I void Warranties T-Shirt
46:25 - Denon capacitor xmas ornament
47:41 - NetSTM32 ethernet board
51:22 - Kevin Lutzer's PCB Business Card
54:22 - SnowPi RGB Xmas ornament
56:48 - Probe dithering average vibration attachment

I will never stop being amazed by your professional reviews of hole warmers, probe attachments and other interesting stuff. Perfect!

That power supply seems to be from a VAX 11/750 or related mainframe. There appears to be 2 different power supply boxes, like 2.5 and 5 volts. I have seen some documents about the mainframe, and just found the motherload on that part:


from the system of

The also installed on vax 11/780, this a photo of the one that we start to repair

Further reviews of that multimeter should include a 600 V very low impedance supply, a CDN and an 8 kV transient source.

I would suggest blast shields and a slow motion camera


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