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EEVblog 1419 - Sinclair C5 Restoration - Part 2

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RIP Sir Clive Sinclair.
Dave finally gets around to starting to take apart and restore the classic Sinclair C5 electric vehicle.

rolling dirty on that contraption with a bottle of jack on the starship enterprize. i think it needs a starfleet logo. and magnetic wheels for 0 gravity driving


The subframe cracks, maybe ask AvE for suggestions but Malcolm Faed's C5 in EEVblog #501 also has the same tearing 14:33. It's like unintentional torsion bar suspension lol.
The Ferranti ULA IC's battery low voltage alarm at 12.5V seems high, today we run a UPS battery down to say 10.8V


--- Quote from: floobydust on September 21, 2021, 05:11:35 am ---The Ferranti ULA IC's battery low voltage alarm at 12.5V seems high, today we run a UPS battery down to say 10.8V

--- End quote ---

Way too high, as soon as you hit on the gas it would dip below that.

--- Quote ---A nominal 18 milliohms of battery impedance is assumed. The gauge can only decrement and contains a 20 second delay which must time out before a display decrement can occur. This eliminates  spurious  counting.  The  five  equal  incremental  voltage  steps  span  the  nominal voltage range, 12.0 to 10.5 volts.
--- End quote ---

Apparently the original battery was 35Ahr, range of 20km, motor 200-250W. But this PDF says they'd only get a useful 15-28Ah out of it (340Whr)..

--- Quote ---The  charging  profile  is  shown  in  Figure  6  and  is  implemented  by  a  hybrid  circuit  with  laser trimmed resisters driving 2 SCR's as a phase controlled current source.
--- End quote ---

If you completely strip out all that original electronics and motor and replace it with modern tech. Would easily be 2-3x performance improvement with the same weight.
All of these parts are commodity, since you could grab a controller and battery from say an electric scooter (350-500W controller with regen, 300-500Whr battery).
Ton of work though..

C5's have a cult following or something. Turn signals, mud flaps, horn, side mirrors, reflective stickers and Hi-vis mast - all were options.

I woke up thinking it has no regen ability at all? Then I see D4 the 1N4001  :palm:

Somebody beat us to it, a MCU-based replacement for the ULA chip. I'll say the board has no -ve spike protection for the LM78L05 so a bit fragile... the LM358 in the Control Box dies a lot too they say.


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