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EEVblog 1424 - Fluke 23 Multimeter Repair

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Thank you for another great presentation on multimeters.
I would love to see one discussing how multimeters measure resistance. This subject seems to be overlooked.

I'm late to the party but I just watched the video... my first ever fluke repair was a 70 with a blown input resistor!

I've collected a pile of blown fusible resistors that show absolutely no visible signs of damage... and as a replacement I like the CMF70..5 rjsouza recommended.  My friend Mark turned me on to the CMF series with some CMF60 parts he sent me for an 8060a repair (CMF601K0000FKBF64).

I've also used the SPH1001J (1k 2w) but it's not fusible... the SPF1001 is the fusible version but I wasn't able to get my hands on any.


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