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EEVblog 1428 - Sony RX100 Camera Repair and then WTF!

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Dave "repairs" his Sony RX100-IV camera only to go WTF?!
A long video that is mostly disassembly and reassembly, so use the time markers if you are bored.

00:00 - Sony RX100 Mk4 Repair
04:30 - Teardown
14:44 - Dave gets ZAPPED!
23:19 - Processor Board
25:51 - Lens assembly
30:00 - Finally IN to the power button PCB!
34:49 - I was hoping...
36:24 - Reassembly
45:00 - WTF is THIS?!

Schematic of the suspect pin I mentioned.

Answering the question about the viewfinder: because it’s much more natural and convenient to aim, in particular if you must do it quickly. The camera follows directly your head, so it works just the same as you would want to look at something. With an external display there is no natural synchronization between what your brain wants to look at and what your hands do. This is why all DSLRs still have a viewfinder, even if nowadays it’s sometimes an electronic display which offers quality no better than the external one. The same goes for many professional camcorders, unless they are so big that your head basically fits the back of the device or at least moves in-line with the camcorder

That was also my first guess when I saw the display rolling, V-sync signal missing. Knackered display flex PCB or slightly misaligned in the connector.

Part 2


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