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EEVblog 1437 - Zappi 7kW Electric Car Charger TEARDOWN + EXPERIMENT

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How does an Electric Car charger work?
A teardown of the Myenergi Zappi 7kW EVSE and experiments demonstrating how the car detection system and charge mode works.

00:00 - Zappi 7kW Single Phase EVSE Charger
02:46 - Type 2 Charging Standards
08:30 - Teardown
17:32 - Power Up
20:56 - Experiments!

Installation & Testing:


That's not a charger.

Just kids having fun.

That's a charger :

This PE switching stuff is controversial.
But it is used for PEN protection, more or less specific to UK because of the TN-C-S earthing.
What is the earthing style in Ozzie ?


--- Quote from: EEVblog on November 14, 2021, 02:45:23 am ---Installation & Testing:

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Looks like you replaced the video and need to update the link? Possibly to


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