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EEVblog 1438 - The TOP 5 Jellybean Regulators & References

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Dave looks at his TOP 5 (plus change) Jellybean Voltage Regulators and References, and explains why you need to know them.

00:00 – Jellybean Voltage Regulator & References
01:52 – 78xx Linear Voltage Regulator
08:01 – Adjustable Voltage Regulator
13:52 – 1117 Low Dropout Regulator
15:21 – LDO Stability
20:01 – LM4040/4041 Voltage Reference
24:38 – Using a Reference as a Regulator
30:53 – TL431 Voltage Reference
38:58 – Use as a PSU regulator
40:43 – Beware of Stability
41:43 – REF01 a better Voltage Reference

MC33063? I think that should've made this list. Also a list of components never to use.
Fun fact, I have a quote from some Chinese supplier, where it is 2 cents a piece on a full reel.

No regulator list is complete without the venerable LM723 !  8) >:D ^-^

Since another reply mentioned the MC33063, out of curiosity I checked on it at Mouser.  Except for the PDIP version it is virtually unavailable, not as bad at Digikey. Really brings home how bad the chip shortage is now.  Same for MC34063 (lower temperature range).  I would guess that most of the 12V car jack in to USB out devices use these chips.

David Hess:
1. 723 voltage regulator.

2. 78xx/LM340 positive and 79xx/LM320 negative fixed voltage regulators.  These were also the first jellybean power ICs.

3. LM317 positive and LM337 negative adjustable voltage regulators.  The LM317 was also available as the 3 amp LM350 and 5 amp LM338 which reached jellybean status.  The LM317 integrated output transistor became available as the LM395 Ultra Reliable Power Transistor, but unfortunately it never reached jellybean status.

4. TL431 variable shunt reference.

5. 78S40/MC33063 integrated switching regulator, because Arch in IRC.

--- Quote from: Wolfgang on November 18, 2021, 11:00:46 pm ---No regulator list is complete without the venerable LM723 !  8) >:D ^-^
--- End quote ---

I agree.  Any list of jellybean regulations which lacks the 723 is incomplete.  The 723 is *the* jellybean regulator.


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