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A $99 Fluke PM3370B Combiscope score from Ebay!
Will it work?

I used to work for Philips back in the 90s in a factory for CRTs.
We made absolutely *everything* when it came to parts. Open any parts drawer in the workshop, Philips, Philips, Philips, Philips ,Philips. You could source practically everything you wanted from within the company. Good times.
All the Test Equipment: Philips, Philips, Philips, Philips ,Philips. If any test equipment would fail, you'd go to an office where a guy would pull out a microfiche of the circuit diagram and service manual of any Philips device in existence. Pure madness to keep it up-to-date, but hey, this was before the internets. You could then take it and view it on these ridiculously large microfiche viewers. 
Philips was an absolute behemoth. Then they started selling everything and it now is only shadow of itself. Fond memories.

By the way, you are lucky: The analog counterpart - PM3070 - still uses the old power supply board with RIFA timebombs. I have one here in my lab that I got to take home when the factory was dismantled. It's cost a fortune back then. Still use it now and then, the trigger section in these units is absolutely brilliant. You can tell that these were designed by engineers that used them themselves.

Hi Dave! I got a fully functional PM3380A as gift some time ago and the seller was so kind to also send in all of its resources, so I have every kind of manual (compatible with your 3370B  :-+), including the service manual and even several programs  that unfortunately I cannot run on win10, but whatever...If you want I can send you these, just let me know how to send you all that stuff 'cause it's quite heavy in terms of memory (the sevice manual it's 50MB alone)

Welcome to the forums. Upload manuals and software to these websites, just check first it's not already uploaded and compress the software in a rar or zip and make it clear with an additional uploaded .txt file what the software is for and does. Same for firmware images etc (include the versions and models). Alternatively throw it in an open access google share and link to it.

Most companies don't have a problem with it being uploaded, I only recall Apple and Toshiba whinging about distribution of laptop service manual and training material. Fluke/Phillips would probably encourage you to upload it.

Thank you! I'll post the link down below ASAP, it will take some time though. Thanks for your suggestion  :-+


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