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EEVblog 1464 - TOP 5 Jellybean Comparators

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The TOP 5 jellybean comparators, plus a bonus and special snowflake choice.

00:00 - Jellybean Comparators
01:20 - Traps for young players using Opamps as comparators
04:43 - Is the old School LM311 still THE jellybean?
11:17 - TS391 Small single comparator
16:33 - LM393/LM2903 Dual comparator
21:27 - LM339/LM2901 Quad comparator
22:52 - LMV331/LMV393/LMV339 Low voltage jellybean comparator
31:50 - TS3021 Fast precision rail-rail comparator
34:45 - TSM102 Special snowflake kitchen sink Opamp/Comparator/Reference

I like the TSX393 from ST, only 5uA, but it comes in double package...

As you mention high speed comparators(<5ns) are expensive and not widely available. From the design viewpoint I don’t really understand it, having a nonlinear output stage supposedly should make things easier and cheaper

The LM311 is different from the LM393 / LM339: it is faster and takes more supply current and has the output transistor with a emitter terminal.
The TS391 / TL331 is kind of the equivalent single to the LM393 , though less common and not yellybean anymore in the strict sense.

The output of the LM311 is nice to have something like a +-15 V supply and than get the result relative to ground. Many other OPs have ouput switch to the negative supply.

High speed comparators are expensive because for high performance they need different processes (e.g. fast PNPs). A somewhat tricky combination is high speed and a large possible input differential.
There are quite a few fast comparators available, but most of them low voltage. A moderately priced is the TL3016.
Many high speed comparators also have extra functions, like latch, enable or similar. These extra functions make a direct exchange tricky. High speed may also no longer work with open collector and even mormal TTL may be on the slow side.

Avelino Sampaio:
The LM319 join my list. It has twice the speed (80ns) of the LM311 (165ns) and costs just 1$ (SMD) and 3$ (DIP)


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