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EEVblog 1466 - Stanford Solar Power at Nightime BUSTED

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Stanford University researchers have made a solar panel that works at nighttime!
It will reduce or eliminate the need for battery storage!
You can probably guess how it works... Let's BUST this impractical boondoggle wide open.

The research paper:

1467 ;)

Is it in fact orders of magnitude higher than previous demonstrations. It seems to me it might be true. My reading of the paper suggests they are claiming 50mW/m2 and they later go on to claim "Our approach can provide night-time standby lighting and power in off-grid and mini-grid applications, where PV cell installations are gaining popularity." and also "Our design can also power sensors in remote locations, reducing the size or eliminating the requirement for battery storage."

They're pretty modest claims. If you're just relying on the published paper.

Do they ever suggest more?


--- Quote from: golden_labels on April 09, 2022, 02:11:58 pm ---1467 ;)

--- End quote ---

Don't forget some numbers were skipped so using one twice is just a way to slide things back to a correct count. ;)

Part of this may be the journalists refelctions on an 8 days old publication they did not really understand.

It is not really usefull energy, more like an oddity from the understanding of solarcells. When pointing to the cold and really dark sky, the PV cell should show a reverse voltage, as there is less NIR radiation than in equilibrium. However just some starts and a faint reflection of moon light may compensate for this and reverse the voltage back to normal.


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