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Are solar powered electric cars viable? Let's look at the Lightyear Zero solar powered electric car and examine the claims. Can you get a useless extended range by adding solar panels to an electric car?
Dave just so happens to drive a solar powered electric car, so let's find out!

Imagine maintenance cost on this. All the exposed surfaces on the car are made out of glass.

Also, no rear view mirrors, so I assume they are relying on displays. This not not even legal in most places.

Might work somewhere in Saudi Arabia ...
And what is the deal with the "vegan interior"  :wtf:

How do these guys get funding? Don't Venture Capatalists have technical people of their own telling them this is just wankery?

The price is so high because it is a limited production car. They make less than 1000, and it is probably already sold out.
They clearly are setting this car up as a gimmick, something like the Tesla roadster. That wasn't a viable car either, but it provided enough income for the company to build a real car like the model S (not a good one, but whatever). Probably they sit down, and figured they need 100M EUR to set up production.
Ridiculous, non-competitive price? Sure, but also the Toyota Mirai, a Ferrari, or a Spyker will have bad pricing, because it is not designed for that.
They are planning to launch the Lightyear 2, which is supposed to cost 30K EUR.
I wouldn't be surprised that a large chunk of the price is for TAX. The same car is 2/3rd the price just the other side of our border.


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