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EEVblog 1497 - RIP Fluke. Thanks Energizer. NOT.

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RIP this Fluke 3000 wireless multimeter. Thanks Energizer for the battery leakage!

Energizer battery leakage in liquid form:

Muttley Snickers:
I found the video quite disturbing and couldn't watch all of it, in fact it was like watching a horror movie.   :o

You could do us all a big favour by lodging a formal complaint to the battery manufacturer for compensation, make the whole thing public so they will have no option but to take notice and address these concerns once and for all.   ::)



I went to check my meters and the only one that just started leaking was Fluke. Also energizer batteries. No real damage, cleaned up and repaced with rechargeable batteries as I started doing that for all replacements.

This is the first time in my life I've got any battery leaking in the equipment. I've only seen them leak in storage for a VERY long time (5+ years over expiry date).

Pretty sure I've been though all my old meters and removed the batteries but I think I will also recheck after seeing that.

Anything that does not fully power-off is susceptible to this problem. I spent a bit of time recently removing batteries from 40 calculators for the same reason- Energizers in one of the Casio Prizm's leaking.

I checked mine and had to laugh.  The Energizer battery had leaked.  The two Radio Shack batteries were perfect.  All were at least 20 years old.


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