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EEVblog 1508 - We FINALLY Got Alkaline Battery LEAKAGE!

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After the 3+ year experiment that started in March 2019 we FINALLY have some alkaline battery leakage failures! Did the Duracell's fail?

That pesky potassium hydroxide forming potassium carbonate.

Battery leakage video playlist:

8:25 Best before 12-2026.  :-DD

Per Hansson:
I did laugh out loud to this comment  :-DD

This one is for all those people who say Varta never leaks.  :)

The dry cells also leak.  There is a difference in where they leak: it is usually somewhere on the outer shell, as the outer shell is the zink and used up when empty. So they kind of leak by design - just the plastic wrap and paper with the modern ones keeps the liquid in. The liquid is usually thickend to some degree, so that the leakage is ideally limited. It is still enough to cause damage. With the dry cell the mechanical stress in the holder can make a difference. With some empty one the outer shell can litterally fall appart.

For a study on leakage it may be more feasible to get in contract with a place collecting old batteries and ask to sort through them and do the statistics on those old batteries.
It may still be a bit biased, as badly leaking ones may end up in the normal waste more likely than just empty. The good before date gives a hint on how old the batteries are.


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