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EEVblog 1508 - We FINALLY Got Alkaline Battery LEAKAGE!

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--- Quote from: JustMeHere on March 26, 2023, 04:45:24 am ---Just discovered that a solution of 3% H202 and distilled water does an excellent job of cleaning this up.  WAY BETTER THAN BAKING SOAD!!.   I had it mixed about 10 to 1 with distilled water being the major component.

--- End quote ---
What? You clean leaking alkaline battery residue off with an ACID like vinegar, using a Q-tip. Then rinse with water.

P.S>. This thread, reminds me keep searching for leaking Duracell batteries and sure enough two took the piss in my Thinkgeek BT joystick. But the alkaline crud dried out hard which limited corrosion. What a mess.


--- Quote from: thm_w on April 17, 2023, 09:07:21 pm ---Finding replacement contacts is not easy.
The steel blade on plastic wrap container is fairly soft, not the same as a carbon steel spring. Although it might work for you which is great.

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Umm, you didn't quite understand. I'll show you some pictures.
Ok, the radio I had done the repair on (among other things I did this to), eventually stopped working altogether. It powered on, but didn't output audio. Here's a similar model, which doesn't need it, but has the fixes I described above.
On the one side, you can see the aluminum bridging the contacts. On the other, you can see 2 pieces of aluminum, one behind the other, embedded into the spring. The spring, which eventually corrodes away to the point where it will not have good contact no matter what you do, now largely servers as something to put pressure onto the battery terminal.
I can't say I fully understand why this works even when sanding fails, but it does. I mean, why would 2 or 3 pieces of aluminum on top of each other conduct better than the terminals that were sanded down?

Anyway, I hope it's useful.

Panasonic is off my list for batteries.

I bought a few packs about 6 months ago from a major retailer in the UK, they came off a large Panasonic display stand and absolutely no way they would be counterfeit.

I noticed a few weeks ago some were leaking in a fresh pack. I tested about 20 of them with a multimeter and the voltages were all over the place, only 3 were near the correct voltage. I ended up throwing them out.

Then this week I go to get an AA battery out of another pack in a drawer and it's leaked everywhere! these have an EXP Date of 2032.

I now need to go all over the house and workshop to find where I've put about 40 of these batteries. I think there might be some in the attic in Christmas decorations as well.

That's the last disposable AA, AAA or 9V cell/battery I ever buy, I'm going to pop in Ikea and stock up on some more LADDA for everything that will take a AA or AAA.

I've got 20 or more things in the workshop that takes 9V batteries, including 4x Fluke multimeters, so I've bought some 9V EBL Rechargeable lithium batteries to try out, if they work okay in everything I'll buy more, if some devices are fussy I'll get some 9.6V NiMH batteries.


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