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EEVblog 1515 - Dumpster Tektronix TDS540D 500MHz Oscilloscope LCD Replacement

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Part 2 in the dumpster Tektronix 4CH 500MHz TDS540S oscilloscope.
Replacing the CRT with an LCD had a few issues...
Ebay listing here:

When i saw the disruption in the initial image i knew it was the dot clock setting, iiyama monitors used to have that option burried in the menus and god forbid you change it to a setting incompatible with the vertical refresh your vga card is outputting right now as you would end up with a corrupted image or heavily overscanned image including the menu which relied in the incoming clock signal to match displayed timing , if you were lucky and had matrox or ati cards they would auto switch or you could change via a command line program which ment sometimes making a boot disc for dos with autoexec.bat running your command to switch vert freq of the vga signal.
ah the memories.


TERRA Operative:
Nice bodge! :D

Question re. the HDD option in there, is there any software on that HDD by chance? I have some of the TDS software packages but I'm always on the lookout for more. :)

I still have Tektronix TDS754A parts available (in Sydney) which maybe be useful for this...    front panel knobs look the same at least...


You should have checked the 12Vin circuit of the LCD board. It might have step up/down regulators on board which would be ok with 15Vin. Even a linear regulator wouldn't dissipate much extra heat with another 3V on top. The only issue would be the input caps if they're 16V rated, too close for comfort.


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