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Mailbag Bonanza!

00:00 - Mailbag Bonanza!
02:24 - Australian Signals Directorate 75th Aniversary 50 Cent Coin
05:07 - One-Shot Relay!
07:20 - Olight Torch Bonanza!
08:20 - Olight Marauder 2 14,000 lumen torch
18:29 - Olight RN1500 Bike Light
23:02 - Olight Perun 2 Headlamp
29:54 - Dreo Macro Max S HEPA Air Purifier
38:34 - Does it produce any dangerous Ozone?
41:19 - Let's check out the FCC report and teardown photos
46:01 - Hoymiles solar microinverters!
51:06 - Is it potted?
55:31 - Noyafa NF8601S Ethernet cable tracer

If you decide not to use the microinverters I'll be happy to take over, heck I can even prepare a detailed report how they perform afterwards :)

Cool to see your uSupply. Any plan to release it one day or have you decided not to for good?

Dave said in his podcast that there is no plant to work on / finish the uSupply.
It's sad.

To solve this problem, i took one of this cheap Power supply modules which are available at E-Bay, Amazon, Aliexpress,... put them in a box and connect it to my model plane 24V battery.

There are USB-C modules available which are handling the USB communication to get full voltage output from USB-C power banks / charging adapter.
Perhaps this would be an solution for you?

But be carefull.
There are multiple USB-C power standards.
Not every charger / power bank understands every standard and refuses to deliver full voltage.

# Skip to 5 mins if coins ain’t your thing.
# Dave, what’s going on with your audio quality recently? It sounds SO low quality, compressed and has that ghastly audio “shimmer” effect; is it YouTube compressing it? I’m no audio snob, but this sounds almost as if you’re lispiing!
# Re the “Marauder” torch (what a silly name, replete with all the hard edged “macho” styling) - I don’t quite think a professional search and rescue team would be buying cheap Chinese consumer grade tat like that!


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