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EEVblog 1518 - Hoymiles Solar Microinverter TEARDOWN

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Depotting, teardown, and some reverse engineering analysis of the 400W Hoymiles solar microinverter.

The video is still unlisted. Is that intentional?

Schematic doesn't seem to be 100% correct. I think on output side you have a H-bridge "unfolder" running at 60/50Hz, and the flybacks are generating the half-wave rectified mains waveform on output side, which is why the output caps are so small, they sit across mains output and aren't DC.

 Edit: something like attached. A very cool topology, although would probably struggle to maintain sine output at no/low load if it was islanded. Good thing it's grid tied!

Red Squirrel:
That was a cool tear down. A video on how these work would actually be really cool. Ex: how do they sync with the grid, and how do they detect if it goes down. Especially when there are many of these on the grid, how does one inverter not think another inverter is "the grid" and keep going, for example. I presume it goes by current draw, if grid goes down it will try to pull massive current?



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