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EEVblog 1534 - Solar Freakin' RAILways!

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2023 brings us Solar Freakin' RAILways! from Swiss start-up Sun-Ways
A dumber idea than Solar Roadways?

Black Phoenix:
Not related but related - see if one of this days I take a picture of a PV test system that is floating on a River in Hong Kong, in the Shatin district.

It is a small array of 4 or 6 panels floating in the river. My cousin wife's told me it was a good idea, I just replied that look at the panels? They are full of crud and dirt.

EDIT: no need for a photo, here's the link

This is photos of the instalation day or close to it.

Now they look way worse than this.



Black Phoenix:

--- Quote from: EEVblog on March 21, 2023, 01:07:26 am ---

--- End quote ---

Yes Dave, I know, but think with me. You are doing a test of a system right? So for you to test is something is viable you will try to keep the system in test in the best condition possible right, in a way to have a fully accurate info from what it has been logged right?

I can garantee you, 100% that those panels would not se a clean until the end of the test drive and the project will be canceled soon after citing low efficiency and production levels. That's how Hong Kong been working since I remember, and you see it everywhere.

You clean your panels on top of your house like year to year? I recon this ones will need clean every six months. And it will not be done.


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