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EEVblog 1540 - The $80 Zotek ZT-702S Osciloscope Multimeter REVIEW

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Are there some release notes? I could not find any on Zotek's website. What's new in this version of the firmware?

Yes good one, i have asked, let see... if they profide it i will share it.
What improved in 1.03.55 was the it boots in the last mode DMM or Scope.
And the issue Dave had with the trigger bar not lining up was fixed in mine too... but i still have to try 1.03.58

I really like this meter. Here are my favorite accessories so far: a BNC adapter and two neodymium magnets that keep the meter safely on a cabinet wall, car body or another magnetic surface.
The magnets are scavenged from 2.5" HDDs, are enclosed in heat shrinking tube and glued to the meter's tilt stand with Bison automotive double sided adhesive tape.
Very solid and also non-permanent in case I change my mind :)

They have no release nots availble..

I upgraded from 1.03.55 to 1.03.58 and can't find any differences at all.  Also, after calibration I still find that the trigger level is slightly off.


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