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EEVblog 1540 - The $80 Zotek ZT-702S Osciloscope Multimeter REVIEW

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--- Quote from: Per Hansson on April 27, 2023, 04:40:43 pm ---It's really odd how the suppliers on Aliexpress etc does not have the name of the thing in the title of the page!

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This might be because over there brands come and go very quickly because they are nothing more than names. With some cheaper products the brand isn't even printed on the product itself, just on the box.
My idea - corrections welcome - is that the brand is perceived as more important in the western capitalistic world, so that they stick different ones to various products built in the same factories then see the ones becoming more successful and keep using them for other products too.

I'm not sure if Zoyi techs read this forum, but I'd like to see two changes in future firmware

1. An option to disable key beeps. I like my meters quiet unless I'm doing continuity tests.

2. Displaying the real open leads voltage in diode mode (approx. 3 V), instead of ".OL V".
Showing "Overload" with the analog pointer at 100 looks a bit scary and it's not accurate,
as a 0.2 V Schottky moves the pointer to line 2 on the dial, as if the full scale would mean
10 V instead of 3 in reality.


--- Quote from: kwass on October 19, 2023, 02:21:38 pm ---I upgraded from 1.03.55 to 1.03.58 and can't find any differences at all.

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For one thing, waveform period (Prd) has been replaced with duty cycle (duty) in the "more measurements" display.


--- Quote from: Sonny_Jim on June 03, 2023, 08:15:03 am ---I bought one of these based on Daves review and for what I use it for (pinball machines), it's fine.  The one thing that sold me on it (and this will seem faintly ridiculous) was the fast continuity response which is great.  The screen is big and bright enough for it to sit in the corner of a pinball machine cabinet and still be easily read, although I haven't really used the scope functionality on it other than using it to check the output of some PIAs.  The only gripes I have are mostly the same as everybody else, the useless bar graph and it not remembering what mode you were in.

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I didn't see this video at all until today, but coincidentally I got the ZT-702S model back in July and find it to be quite useful due to the same qualities you pointed out (with the same gripes as well). Also, the form factor, size and above average mechanical robustness are aspects that help me take it to the field more often.

When I got it, I put it in my toolbox for a roadtrip just for fun but not really considering it would be put to much use. We ended up having to make some things work on an el-cheapo car inverter and it proved quite useful to see if the 120VAC "modified sinewave" was still good enough to power some of the more sensitive things tied to its output. Back from the trip I saw myself taking this unit to the field more often than my regular DMMs simply due to the practicality of having a "waveform observator" feature that gives extra insights to see noisy or failing DC power rails and follow audio paths. :)

Overall, a great surprise

just putting this here if anyone else was missing a updates version history:
version 1.03.51 download link is still live
version 1.03.58(current) download link

am still looking for a v55 download which seems from this forum and some to be the most stable

from what i gather v51 is the most stable functionaly.
on v58 a power on mode memory and duty-cycle meas was added but serious bugs with autorange and other bugs(look in YT video comments) were introduced


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