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EEVblog 1540 - The $80 Zotek ZT-702S Osciloscope Multimeter REVIEW

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here it came from the official support .
CRC32: 41DF6B6A


--- Quote from: Zebble on June 29, 2023, 01:29:30 am ---There's a firmware update available.  Not sure what it fixes.  I've installed it succesfully, just haven't done any extensive testing.

--- End quote ---

Oops, I just bricked my 702S doing this update. I don't think my early unit was designed to be upgraded  :-[

It does say in the video that you can't update v1.03.30, which I guess was what you had.  For reference mine was v1.03.43 (ish, should have written it down)

Just commenting to say I'm quite happy they eventually released the firmware and if anyone needs to switch it back into English after an upgrade:

1.  Switch to multimeter mode
2.  Press menu
3.  Press F1

EDIT: Filename was "ZOYI-702S-FW-V58(1).ZTK" so I guess we are up to version 58 now.


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