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EEVblog 1544 - Platio Solar Pavement BUSTED!

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Let's BUST the new Platio Solar Pavement installation in the Netherlands using thier OWN production data on launch day! LOL
PLUS a Solar Roadways UPDATE!

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PVoutput reference site:
Spanish Platio BUSTED video:
EEVblog2 Platio video short:
Solar Roadways StartEngine:
Solar Roadways Webcam:
Solaroad in the Netherlands FAIL photos:

Hehe. That's because it's something that shouldn't be looked at with our eyes and brains of rational, mere mortals.
It's just a form of sacrifice to the climate change god. The more expensive and absurd the sacrifice, the better it should please Him.

The disheartening thing these days is it seems the entire world or at least the first world, has been pervaded by these leaders that have grabbed onto the Peter Principal with both hands and said, "Yes, that is for me".

Do you blame the company/people that spun the tale or solar roadways, airways, railways, seaways, footpathways, spaceways? Or windfarms or green hydrogen or lets run an electrical extension cord from Australia to Singapore or whatever fantasy feel good enterprise they think they can use an an engine to suck off that sweet free taxpayer money.

Well I don't in that we should be smart enough to see through these grifters and villians that cloak themselves in good deeds.  There are con artists everywhere all looking to take your wealth and at the moment they can see the weakness as the educated* champagne socialist wanker typical inner city/leafy suburb types with government protected careers and influence using that power and influence to get government to get lots of money taken off the middle and lower classes that do real work and give it to these grifters so the almond latte sipping champagne socialists can all touch each over over about much they are saving the world and stopping climate change as they board the jet for the annual overseas luxury holiday. 

After all, it was SFA of their money getting pissed up against the wall, and they can afford it.

Ok I will go back to the padded room now.

*educated in some bullshit social arena that relies on language skills like law, arts, mental health etc rather than mathematics, engineering or physical sciences.

One of the most senior advisors of the Dutch government said yesterday (and some 10 years along): stop with a focus on management and political sensitivity: please get competent professionals in place. And always keep a good look at the *execution* of policies, not the formulation of policies.

I think they won't listen.


--- Quote from: EEVblog on May 18, 2023, 01:31:01 pm ---Let's BUST the new Platio Solar Pavement installation in the Netherlands using thier OWN production data on launch day! LOL

--- End quote ---
Did you carefully translate the Dutch video? I guess not because in there the man clearly states to put solar panels on roofs first. But once the roofs are full, you need ways to collect more solar energy and that is exactly what this setup is about: have a plan ready at the moment the roofs are full. And that plan will be necessary quickly in the NL because the number of roofs that have solar panels increases rapidly. Last but not least, this is a test installation with a product that isn't mass manufactured (yet) so any cost comparision is just noise.


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