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EEVblog 1546 - INSANE $30k 4K Panoramic DLP Projector TEARDOWN

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Teardown of a professional military grade industrial 4K DLP projector. The build quality and over-engineering is just nuts. This Projection Design F35 WQXGA Projector costs $30k
And a look at how Digital Light Processing micromirror devices work under the microscope.


Now think of that! Four million individually controlled mirrors. Under plausible assumptions(1) you are holding more mirrors than this planet had at any given time before the industrial revolution. Each of these squares is an individual, who owned a mirror. :o

(1) Less than 1 in 25 people owning a glass-based mirror.


--- Quote from: golden_labels on June 03, 2023, 03:49:42 am ---Now think of that! Four million individually controlled mirrors. U

--- End quote ---

I was not sure how it was actually working so searched and found a video explaining it.   It is mind boggling.  Think of how many times those tiny mirrors have moved in the 11 000 hours of on time. 

I take it we see the colours because of our vision persistence.  It projects say yellow for a brief period, then blue for a brief period, but our eyes convert that to green.

I guess this massive die cast aluminium casing serves two purposes:
1) fireproof enclosure for optical path components, reflective and heat dissipating;
2) provides a frame for mechanical stabilization;

Just imagine a radiation flux  from these lamps going sideways in case of a failure... without such casing the projector would catch on fire immediately.

As a mechanical engineer I feel like it is not extremely over-engineered for industrial bit of kit.
Considering one of their banner specs in the ad is literally "24/7 support" you can assume that their customers most likely will also directly book the service flatrate contract, so in case anything fails you just have one of their engineer come in for express repairs. So having the mechanical design being easily servicable will in the end pay out for them with low downtimes and low expense on the repair engineer costs.


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