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EEVblog 1564 - Agilent/Keysight U1273AX Multimeter Repair

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It is a bit strange to use a kind of plastics that is not resistant to the liquid leaking from the typical batteries. Leaking batteries are a really common thing - among the main causes a broken meter.
It is however rare that products are designed with a water proof battery compartment and maybe an absorber to catch leaking batteries.

With help of eevblog members from microcontrollers board, we were able to dissect the firmware and patch it to work with current OLED screens (with driver SSD1309).

Here is the firmware dissection process:

Here is the procedure for screen replacement using patched firmware:

This way meter works properly no matter if you are in setup menu, regular measurements or if you turn it off and on too quickly.

Also cost is way less since you are only paying for OLED screen with driver SSD1309 only and nothing else.


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