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EEVblog 1564 - Agilent/Keysight U1273AX Multimeter Repair

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A very interesting repair of an Agilent/Keysight U1273AX OLED display multimeter. It had two distinct unrelated faults.

Available for auction from 99cents:
Ian Scott Johnston on The Amp Hour:
Thin film ceramic hybrid resistor networks:

The screen of my U1253B got very dim after 9 years of light use. After trying the :rant: german Keysight support to no avail I got a replacement from
At least their U1253B version doesn't have the mirrored-after-menu issue.

Those small OLED displays look cute but they aren't very reliable. Also, try seeing anything in direct sunlight.

The last time I contacted Keysight US about the replacement of the OLED, they informed me that if the product is no longer under warranty, the only available option is to purchase a new meter.

Seems like the replacement board is not very good and is not initialising the OLED controller properly.  i.e. OLED controller resets, but STM32 on the driver board doesn't re-initialise it and you end up in the reversed mode? Pretty poor and you'd think it would have shown this multiple times whilst developing it.


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