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EEVblog 1568 - Tesla Megapack 2 Battery FIRE! at Bouldercombe QLD



Since I do not have a youtube account so cannot comment on the video on youtube.

You pronounce the name Bouldercombe without the e on the end.   So it is Boulder+Comb.    Maybe a long time ago they combed boulders there? I dunno.

Also there is a proposed solar farm on the adjoining land where battery and substation is.   Although it has been proposed for seems like ten years or more.

For the renewable aficionado's, if you go to Qld Globe website  go to layers -->> add layers, then down the bottom the utliities and communications layer, you can bring up proposed, under construction and operating renewable facilities.   Although it is not exactly up to date as that battery site is not marked, but other sites in the region are.

Bit of an update.   Tesla are replacing two of the modules.


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