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EEVblog 1584 - Wireless Freakin' EV Charging Roads! A $250M Boondoggle

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The US Department of Transport have authorised a $250M grant program to fund Wireless EV charging roads. A look at the pilot program in Detroit Michigan with the startup company Electreon:

00:00 - Wireless EV road charging in Detroit
01:15 - $250M funding from the US Department of Transport!
03:18 - The inductive road coil
05:29 - This project is a half arsed approach to EV costs.
06:50 - Petrol/Gas vs Electric EV charging, still no contest.
07:14 - Reminds me of Adam Something and his take on Electric Busses
08:21 - Electreon gets UN Approval!
09:02 - Private company tech in roads?
09:41 - The location in Detroit
10:53 - The Chicken & Egg problem
13:52 - The problems are many
16:57 - Let's watch the Electreon marketing video
18:16 - The EV retrofit is EASY!
20:25 - The motherload of wireless charging failure analysis document from DOT!
26:41 - They make it sound so easy!
27:56 - They want these on consumer EV's, LOL!

Reference Links:
DOT failure analysis report:

I might have missed it, but another point is the availability of enough copper to build them in the first place.

I wonder what the next crazy idea will be.   Solar panels in pools.   They refract the light leading to greater solar panel efficiency. Surely there is a few million in that idea.

Meanwhile in Warsaw the public transport already has a convenient and working charging solution:

* yeah… a simple 130 year old device does not sound modern enough! ;)


Proposed solution with capacitive transfer every quarter mile

The thing is that with vehicle fleets used to provide services you usually don’t have to charge them en route. In particular within cities. Their standard mode of operation includes inactivity periods. These are natural spots to do charging. Without employing complicated, proprietary, and expensive technology.


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