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EEVblog 1590 - Cheap $33 Boombox Teardown

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Is a modern $33 boombox from Kmart any good?

OK it's a nice piece of crap! ;D

SD card socket and USB port facing up. How many drops of water or how much dust is needed to render them useless? ;)

That will make an ideal audiobook player in the kitchen.  I bet it sounds better than a Bluetooth speaker.  Plus, it doesn't need periodic recharge.  Decent look, works from mains, doesn't take much space, and has physical knobs and buttons, which is a huge advantage in a kitchen, when compared to a touch screen or an up/down volume switch.

Totally worth $33, I like it!  :-+

i think theys radios are targted for older people who are 70+ years old.i seen similar radios innursing homes etc then visting my grandparents. reason they are a cheap and older people dont complain so much as younger people.


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