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EEVblog 1599 - TOP 5 Jellybean Bipolar Transistors

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The TOP 5 Jellybean Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)

00:00 - What is a Jellybean Component?
01:30 - Low Power BJT: 2N3904 / 3906, SMD Marking 1A
06:49 - 2N2222
08:52 - BC547 fanboys
09:28 - Medium Power BJT: FMMT617-619 / 717-719
12:27 - SS8050 / 8550
15:08 - High Power BJT: 2N3055 / 2955
17:09 - Sneaky MOSFET, and the differences from BJT's
19:30 - High Voltage BJT: FZT458 / 558, FMMT458/558

Jellybean Series Playlist:

I respect the elders; I do have some 2N3055 and BC182s laying around!  >:D

Next up: Jellybean mosfets. At least these don't need Lithium to stay sane...  8)

There are not many jellybean SCR's and TRIAC's, other than the C106x, and the BT132, which are generally the most common ones you get. There are no jellybean UJT's though, and same for the more esoteric highly doped devices that used to be common in use.

2SC1815/2SA1015 most popular bjts in japan :-+


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