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EEVblog 1600 - Rouute: Road Based Energy BUSTED


Rouute: Road Based Energy! Harvest kinestic energy from cars using speed bumps. Will this save the planet? Do the numbers add up?

00:00 - Rouute Road Based Energy
01:58 - Discount Morgan Freeman narrates the video
03:21 - UN Goal 7 compliant
04:40 - The founder explains and shows a testing video
06:37 - Let's look at their info pack
09:03 - Can we get serious now?
11:19 - Reminds of PaveGen that is still gaining millions in funding for energy harvesting pavements
12:41 - You canna' change the laws of physics Captain!
13:30 - Let's calculate the Kinetic Energy viability using their numbers
14:34 - They seem to be out by an order of magnitude at least...
16:15 - Converting kinetic energy into electrical energy is just energy THEFT on flat roads
19:57 - It works, but is all but impractical in most circumstances.

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