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EEVblog 1603 - Sony Amplifier REPAIR

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Repair of a Sony HCD-SBT20B Bluetooth Stereo. What it's like to nail the repair and then, well come-a-gutsa and have to go down the rabbit hole to fix the fix all whilst battling bad design info.

00:00 -  Sony HCD-SBT20B Bluetooth Stereo with a water ingress problem
01:17 - Water isn't that bad actually, even mud.
02:49 - Comically long screwdriver time
04:09 - Vacuum Fluorescent display for all you VFD fanboys
05:10 - Annoying construction
06:14 - Logic level problem? Doesn't seem to be the PSU.
07:57 - Yuck!
09:58 - PCB Cleaning time
12:11 - Did the cleaning work?
13:28 - Hang on, I think I see something...
14:36 - More corrosion
15:21 - Back to measuring voltages on the VFD
17:15 - Handy use of Auto Hold
18:00 - VFD dispaly under the microscope
19:33 - Cathode measurement
20:13 - Anode connection tracing
22:10 - I wouldn't have designed it like this
23:08 - Sanity check
24:32 - What's in the can?
28:16 - Schematic time. Sony service manuals are something else
33:22 - Don't come-a-gutsa on dual diode pinouts
35:16 - Let's power it up on the bench
37:19 - There's something very strange about this...
40:04 - Oh FFS!
42:03 - Now it'll work...

That was a fun one Dave! lol  :palm:

Nice Futaba display though.


--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on March 01, 2024, 05:23:50 am ---Nice Futaba display though.

--- End quote ---

Was interesting how it was basically backwards, so you don't see the grid and cathode wires.

Nice that you posted the "How VFD displays work" before!

The inductor (L1 min 25:40) seems sealed with silicon to avoid buzzing. I have never seen any as nice as that.
Does any one know who could produce them?


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