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EEVblog 1606 - $45 AlienTek DP100 100W USB-C PSU REVIEW

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AlienTek DP100 100W USB-C PSU REVIEW

00:00 - AlienTek DP100 100W USB-C PSU Unboxing
02:43 - Power on and operation
08:57 - User Manual
10:01 - Trying USB-C source
10:44 - Setting Menu
12:00 - uSupply Inception
12:55 - Physical size comparison
13:16 - Teardown
14:44 - PCB Inspection and design analysis
18:14 - BOM Consolidation & MOSFET's
19:15 - USB Power Delivery Chip
20:46 - MP9928 Buck Converter & PWM Current Limiting
23:37 - Zero drift opamps
24:14 - Processor
24:52 - Connector LED lighting
26:09 - Housing
26:39 - DC input testing
27:28 - Output noise measurement
28:57 - Classic Dave GOOF
29:57 - USB-A vs USB-C input noise
31:37 - Voltage Accuracy test
32:11 - Real noise measurements
33:08 - MAGIC SMOKE!
34:12 - Max 100W load testing
35:45 - Overshoot and CV/CC mode change testing
37:35 - Conclusion

Looks like a perfect second channel for my single-channel lab PSU to power negative rails and whatnot.
Nice little thing, indeed, the designers knew what they were doing. Noise figures are impressive, too. Shouldn't be too bad in the EMI department, either.

...of course this review came just in time, one day after the aliexpress anniversary sale ended, lol. Starts at $52 now. Still good value for the price, I guess.

There's another thread on this unit here:

User Dexter2 discovered spikes on the output when the output is turned off under a light load using USB-C power supplies:

It seems there is a footprint for a cap on the pcb to mitigate this issue but it was left unpopulated:

The fellow behind the open source "SmartKnob"..
- shows the benefit of WebHID and controlling DP100 from a browser.

Can someone explain me how they use a microcontroller to control mp9928 and make a digitally controlled CC/CV power source. I mean how one can set digitally constant current or constant voltage point


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