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00:00 - Jumperless Breadboard from Architeuthis Flux & WokWi
08:42 - Trying the software, it didn't go so well...
21:20 - Automated probe connection function
22:35 - My old IC Tester project
23:32 - 16TB Hard Drive
25:26 - Modius Headband: Induce sickness to loose weight?
Lime Forge Ltd Sense See Bike Light :
29:36 - Assembly Specialists Breadboard
35:11 - Sanwa PS8A Pocket Multimeter
45:26 - BENQ IdeaCam S1 Webcam

 :-DD @27:20, You are so wrong....  I did the exact opposite to a grand level.

See my attached chart, and yes, it is authentic and to scale:
(Ozempic is trash by comparison, I will never touch the stuff)

Reference Chart: ozempic-and-weight-efficacy

Yes, that was done after 3 consecutive runs of long covid, loosing weight on a 1/2Kg (1.1 pound) cheeseburger diet, it is still working, and I'm approaching week 48...

Ok, just to be fair, that 38 minutes on my high gravity bike every second day is like a 2 hour hike up a mountain.

Well, ok, the cheeseburgers are made from minced pork filet mignon (or beef filet mignon when I can get it cheap), cooked rare, with fresh onions and hot mustard, and the cheese is 7 year old authentic cheddar while the bun is made from sprouted whole wheat bread.

@27:40, Ok, I've done this for 11 months and I have gotten back to you as you instructed.

That Sanwa hard case is total fail. Look at the hinge, not a real hinge, just one of those continuous molded thin seam. That will separate with a few tens of articulations, at which point it will fall apart.

Note that on the Sanwa pocket meter, the center "Off" position puts the thumb grip of the range switch fully within the case. Otherwise it extends beyond the edge, preventing you from closing it while it's still turned on. Nice attention to detail, and a good reason for having the Off position where it is.

one dodgy Mailbag

Jumperless Breadboard, congratulations for making solderless breadboard complicated & expensive ::)
this is like having a banana plug leads matrix patch board for all the test equipment on the bench

Modius Headband   making yourself sick is not that hard to do.  :--

Pocket Multimeter ok it works but ..  :-\


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