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EEVblog 1615 - Dumpster Dive HP Pro One PC


It's been slim pickings in the dumpster room in recent times, will this HP Pro One 400 all-in-one touch screen PC be a winner?

Give it a year, and i think you will find a lot of PCs in the dumpster again :D

With the end of support for windows 10 looming next year, and windows 11 not being officially supported on older machines, many decent-ish hardware will go the way of the dumpster.
A shame, really, but the way it apparently has to work.

So MS is triggering a giant wave of e-waste? That isn't going to save the planet. How dare they?

I dropped by somehow due to emails about whateverone trying to log in my account here more or less recently. Other than this…

That is a nice, perfectly useable computer; a very nice find indeed. It's, in fact, much newer than the laptop I am still using (which it's gonna turn 18 :D by the end of this year). ^-^

Upgrading (cough!) that to Windows 11 is pretty feasible; check this: How to install Windows 11 on almost any unsupported PC
There are also many related videos, tools and etcetera on the matter.


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