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More mailbag!
A look at the RadiaCode Radiation Monitor, and the LattePanda Mu Intel N100 Compute Module.

00:00 - Mailbag
00:30 - Radiacode 103 Radiation Detector & Spectrometer
07:48 - Teardown
14:09 - LattePanda Mu Intel N100 Compute Module
25:22 - Power up

The detector in the radiation monitor is not a classical Geiger tube, but a small scintillator with likely a photodiode read out (not the classic photo-mulitplier like in the larger ones). So not high voltage needed - maybe some 50 V for an avalanche diode. That is a really fancy and sensitive detector. A question may be how good it is with more soft radiation (e.g. lower energy X-ray like from a CRT).

The spectrum would likely need some time and maybe a reset to remove to old data from the spectrum. Chances are the curve shown is from the background and only little from the smoke detector.

Does anybody know where to find radiation sensor as in the RadiaCode? I've been wanting to build a radiation sensor of my own, but can't seem to find discrete radiation sensor modules anywhere. Thanks!

If that LattePanda is like their previous generation that shipped with Windows 10, that's actually a fully-licensed LTSC IoT build.  Worth the price of entry for that fact alone, IMO.

IIRC they designed the sensor. In addition, it is difficult to understand gamma spectrometer signal processing without specialised education and at least 5 years of experience.


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