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EEVblog #315 - Korad KA3005P Review/FAIL

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So, I now have a choice among these "Korad clones" by a company called RND:

320-KD3005D (two knobs, no buttons)
320-KA3005D (one knob, with buttons)
320-KD3005P (two knobs, no buttons, with USB)
velleman LABPS3005D, replaced by LABPS3005DN,  (one knob, with buttons, with USB)

and completely different models from UNI-T:
(not sure, what they have actually changed for the II version).

What do you think? Which, in theory, should be a more reliable choice - the Korad clones or UNI-T?
At least, we now know what to expect from these "Korads", but UNI-T models are a total unknown for now.


--- Quote from: midix on June 17, 2021, 09:57:06 am ---So, I now have a choice among these "Korad clones" by a company called RND:

--- End quote ---

No: (from a "RND" datasheet)
"RND is a trademark of D├Ątwyler Schweiz AG, Gotthardstrasse 31, 6460 Altdorf, Switzerland,"

I can only speak for the Korad / RND devices:
I personally like them (and the RND devices have the better pole terminals instead of "security sockets")
They are cheap (so dont expect too much)
you have to be prepared that after 2 years you have to exchange the rotary encoders
As I usually work with "standard voltages" (5V 12V 15V 18V) programmed to the knobs or use them in automated measurements by RS232 interface I rarely use the rotary encoders.

with best regards



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