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EEVblog #315 - Korad KA3005P Review/FAIL

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I know that beeper sound, it's using a beeper that requires the micro to generate the tone. (They're cheaper than beeper with internal tone generators)

When you try and generate the ~2kHz by setting/clearing the mcu output pin in software other interrupts will semi-randomly delay the set/clear commands and you get a sound that's dirty like that.

To avoid it they need to use the dedicated hardware timer output pin on the mcu so the tone generation happens independently.
(or a beeper that does the tone generation itself)

Wondering if you'd recommend this over the similarly priced Jaycar lab supply? Looks like they both have an overshoot issue.

This is the one:

I recently bought the Jaycar supply, but it's unopened in the box... Thinking I could take it back and get the Korad for the extra $40 or so.

Hmmm on second thoughts, I actually finished watching the last 5 mins of the review. Can see why you say FAIL! :O Oh wells!

Erwin Ried:
It seems M5 memory led is the LOCK led:

by the pictures


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