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I have to read out a AM27C010 DIL32,

TL866II plus have it the list

When pressing Read in Xgpro version 10.90 win7 64bit it complains about Pin Detect Error small red X on all pins except 16 (Gnd) and 30 (NC)

it also complain about wrong ID.

When deselect pindetect and ID check and the read it does read but all FF ( I know the Eprom does work and have content)

If run a self check all is fine

If I put a data pin to gnd (without Eprom) and read it sowhe the right Hex data for the gnded pin

So what's wrong?

I'm very late to this party but I found this topic by accident.
Earlier this year I bought after some advice from another topic a TL866A @ EvilBay - not knowing that this programmer is out of production for more than 3 years
and that there was the risk of counterfeit products.

Fortunately I got a NOS or very good counterfeit product and it has done the job I needed it for - reading out some old EPROMs with the last available software release after firmware successful upgrading and some reprogramming
of very old east german 2732. So far so good.

Than I tried to use it for reading out the code from a ANET A8 mainboard, I got the 3D printer used for less money but have no access to the used firmware.
Now I have to replace the main board (a analog input of the AT1284p seems to be dead) and I tried to dump it with the programmers ICSP port. The
board has a dedicated ICSP port! I double and tripple checked the cabling.
I bridged C22 to overcome the current protection warning but it doesn't work. After trying everything what I learned from this long topic I have to confess that I'm lost.

To get the hex dump for further reprogramming I bought a cheap 3€ USBasp programmer and with AVRDUDE (& AVRDUDESS - I prefer GUIs) the job was done in 5 minutes!

The USBasp stick powers the main board processor what is easy to see.

It assume that the TL866A  ICSP_Vcc supply doesn't work (yes - I crossed the field in the software). But I tried the printers PSU without the Vcc cable with the TL866A with no success as well.

Has someone experience with this kind of problem? Thanks for any advice!

Since you suspect it's a power issue have you confirmed this?

You can check if you have an original or clone here, unlikely it being original.

Let us know the hardware and software version you are using. What does the software identify the programmer as? Have you performed the CS to A mod on it?

Take screenshots of the software screen before you read and show the results/errors after clicking the read icon. This will help let people know exactly what is occurring.

Re. AM27C010 DIL32,

As I wrote I can't read it in the 866II+,

I took a scope and did measure the Vdd and it goes to 5V when the menu are set for read 5.0 V so far so good.

But if you measure on all the address pins the only swing between 0 and 3.3 V
The data pins swings between 2.5 and 5V (so it's never going real low)

If I change the menu to lets says read at 3.3V Vdd changes fine to 3.3V
The data pins swings between 0.8 and 3.3V  (so it's never going real low) AM27C010 is a 5V device

I had expected that the address pin had same swing depending as the Vdd and not just 0 - 3.3 always
The output might have the problem with wrong pull-up.

Any sugestions?

Reading some 27C256 and 27C512 (Fairchild)  I have around does work correct in the 866II+
So when I assume the 27C010 is a OK chip it might not be even though I see it work in the CPU board were it belongs to.
Will investigate a bit more


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