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Hi !
I'm new here :)
I have a TL866A (I think it is a clone one) And I'm using MiniPro v6.85
I would like to program an Atmel/Microchip AtTiny13A in DIL8, but, when I try to make some operation (read/id/calib read) I get "overcurrent" message.
I see that the programmer put 12V on Pin 1 (right for Hi voltage unlock operation), but also on pin 2  :phew:

Someone have an idea of why and how to fix this ?


Hi all, many thanks Radioman for your excellent job!

I remembered to have a new TL866CS into my cellar...
Several years ago I also remember to read a similar topic: How to convert a TL866CS into a TL866A.
So, after 3 years I decided to apply this procedure, this time made easier by Radioman!

Ok, in brief my use case:

- TL866CS with v3.2.58 (environment Win 10 PRO)
- I installed MiniPro Programmer 6.85 and I updated to v3.2.86
- I opened the program Radioman Updater and I followed the Radioman's procedure.

Because I didn't apply the pull-up restistor I got "Reset Error" message.

Here my questions.

1) is it really necessary (in order to not compromise the correct functioning of the programmer) to apply a reset after of the programmer after flashing?
2) I see alphanumeric serial number and a numeric device code in minipro window. In additional, I read TL866A v3.2.86 below the MiniPro Programmer window and the same information clicking on Help-->About.
Radioman updater shows the device in "Normal Working Mode"
From Tools--> System Self-Check : all the 27 tests are OK and the end result is test finish ... successful.
Are please sufficient these informations in order to be sure that the programmer is really working? Exist a way to check it?
My questions because (if I am right) I read in the forum that some users discovered some issue during the programming\erasing of some IC.
Actually I don't have an IC in order to test the TL866.
3) Is it please possible to use the TL866 in UART (TTL) mode modality?
If the answer is affirmative , what's the correct pinout?

Many thanks and greatings :)


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