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--- Quote from: ebastler on February 13, 2024, 01:27:49 am ---Could that be the cause of your present problem too? Maybe the config fuse settings you chose are "impossible" due to that inverted interpretation?

--- End quote ---

If I am unchecking the config option then to me that would mean that no fuses get written.  Am I incorrect?

No, that part should be correct I assume. But what I understood from your posts was that without setting the fuses at all, the PIC does not work in the circuit (as one would expect?). And that, if you try to have the configuration fuses programmed, the programming fails with an error message.

So I was wondering whether the error message is due to the fact that the PIC does not accept the fuse settings you are trying to program. And whether that may be due to the fact that you have those settings inverted.

EDIT: Just looked at the Miniprog software. Where is the dialog field where one can set the actual configuration fuse bits?! For other PICs (and other brands of MCU) there are dedicated checkboxes which mirror the MCU-specific config bits. It looks like the PIC16F628A is not fully supported?

Hello everyone! Does this adapter make any sense? (schematic is from the MiniPro software itself):

Just built one on perfboard (used 1N4148 for the diodes) as I'm trying to save a bricked X470 Aorus mainboard, but it only reads an ocean of zeroes from a MX25U12873F (main BIOS chip, desoldered from the board). Programming it with the right BIN takes time as it should, but verification immediately fails as the chip still contains only zeroes!

According to this post:
the TL866CS should be able to work with the 25U12873 when 25U12835 is selected.
I ordered the more elaborate 1.8V adapter seen in the above post, but it'll be a while until it arrives. Meanwhile, is there any chance of getting the DYI adapter to work?


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