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EEVblog #576 - Advantest R6142 Current Voltage Generator

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A quick look at Dave's Advantest R6142 Voltage and Current Source.
Can it be used as a current reference for the uCurrent?
A look at the stability with temperature and time, and absolute calibration of the unit.
Is it an ebay score, or ebay junk?

Of course everyone wants to see a teardown of that beautiful piece of test gear. :)

+1 for the teardown!

If only the camera was a bit higher on that last shot...

I love Advantest kit. :)

Snagged a 3.6GHz Spectrum Analyser with separate Tracking gen for under £500 last year off ebay. Significantly cheaper than a comparable HP, R&S, etc equivalent.

After a bit of googling and help with Google Translate - I found the manual here:

You'll need to create an account and accept their ToC jazz before it'll let you in. Probably could have uploaded it here, but would be no doubt against their ToC's...


How does this compare to the Rigol DP832 with precision option?


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