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Title: EEVblog #590 webcam software
Post by: ariccio on April 27, 2014, 03:17:59 pm
Just under a month ago I sent this as a message to the EEVblog YouTube account; Why I didn't send it to dave at eevblog, I don't know |O. I figure you don't check that inbox (I get tons of spam in mine, and I don't have 140,000 subscribers), so I figured I'd repost it here.

When I saw that you were having trouble finding good webcam software, I wasn't aware of any better software, but this is exactly the kind of challenge that I love.

After breaking out my google-fu, I discovered "Open Broadcaster Software"(OBS)*.

It seems that OBS is __EXACTLY__ what you need. It's high-performance, resource non-intensive, AND open source! They also have a very active community, and their source code is hosted on GitHub.

I won't link to it, as spam filters are pretty aggressive these days, but I'm sure you'll find it :)


Sincerely & best of luck,

Alexander Riccio
(I LOVE eevblog!)