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hey, what happened to number 72....where'd it go????

I had only 20 min left, it was an awesome video, even if it was 50 some odd min long!!...very educational!

Sorry about that!
Stupid Youtube privacy setting thing again. No one was supposed to see the video until it finished processing (still going since last night!), but Youtube automatically made it public when I was asleep last night and I didn't catch it, so I reverted it to private mode this morning.
It'll be back up soon.
I'm not sure how anyone could watch it in that horrible pre-processed quality!

This "bug" in youtube is REALLY starting to piss me off!


It's now back on line. Still processing HD, but it has finished medium quality processing, so is now good enough to at least watch.

Can't believe it turned out to be 51 minutes! Smashed the previous blog record  ;D
I thought about trying to severely edit it down, but figured that was kinda pointless, as what advantage would say a hacked 40 minute version bring over the full 51 minutes? It is what it is.

No doubt many will complain about the length though!


please! when i saw the length i was like....this is going to be 51 min of

For a beginner like me, this kind of video is exactly the kind of thing we need to get that conceptual framework of how to approach electronics design...step by step, very concise (and yea, i think in this case, 51 min is least compared to some of the uni lectures i have to sit through!) .

I look forward to the last 20 min!

I was wondering what happened to the quality of the video, I still enjoyed it though. Looks much better now. : )

- Patrick


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