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Dave on live TV :o  j/k

Yea go for it mate, I'd be interested and would certainly watch the show. Just let us know where and when mate.


This sounds like a great idea! We will have a party of DIY nerds watching here in brooklyn at my shop. I would be happy to participate in any beta testing you need to do, just send me a PM on here.

I like that idea, it will be interesting to see what everyone has to contribute. I'm also on the west coast of the US so that time works out great. I appreciate the heads up in the video. I don't frequent the forums so that was very helpful.
Keep up the great work.

I'm still in shock that it rains in Aus! I know it is approaching winter but even so!

Hi Dave.
That sounds like a fun idea.
I hope you will tape the whole show and post it so others can se it that cant for some reason watch it live.



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