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EEVblog #898 - LCD Contrast Experiments

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Great DaveCAD demonstration as always ! I remember enjoying this video when posted and am now revisiting due to investigation of similar problem I'm finding on nearly every LCD power control meter (e.g. Peacefair, etc) but having a tough time tracing it down. I want to stay away from led segment display due to light-sensitive environment these will be used in.

For those who don't have the EEVBlog or Bryman meter to review, any pointer on thought process one would use determine how to find the contrast bias angle resistor if Bryman hadn't provided it ?

Thanks for the video !


I bought a DMM Yokogawa Ty720 and wanted to change the bias resistor too.

How do find the bias resistor?
Do they have some tips?

I haven't a schematic or service manual.

Thanks for any help!

Hi, Denis

Could you improve the visibility of your Yokogawa meter?

Best regards


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