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something else happened now with this scope. it was running fine, and then it froze, then i shut it off, and when i turned it on, all LEDs are on, and the relays clicked, but no light sequence. When i resoldered the connector i left it running for about 6 hours and it was fine. Any idea what may have happened now?

Thank you!  |O

Does it produce any output on the debug serial console ?


--- Quote from: Bud on February 29, 2024, 03:14:07 am ---Does it produce any output on the debug serial console ?

--- End quote ---
I'm going to open it up and let you know. But I think i might have to rework that connector on the BLT, cause i just noticed another symptom: the display presents a barely visible black bar that covers a quarter of it on the side of the buttons, like a checkered pattern. i tried getting a picture of that, but it doesn't show on camera, it's a very faint checker pattern with black and unlit pixels.

Thank you!

i opened it up, and removed the BLT to solder wires for the serial port. out of curiosity i powered the scope without the BLT plugged in and it behaved in the same manner it did after it froze.

i inspected the solder joints of all the BLT connectors again, and the connectors on the main board, and they all looked ok, no loose pins or broken joints or anything mechanically suspect.

i then soldered the wires for the serial port, made sure there were no bridges, both by visual inspection and by measuring resistance before and after soldering between the neighbouring pads.

i powered on the scope, with the two wires for the serial port plugged to probes on another oscilloscope, powered it on, and no activity, one of the two wires went high, the other remained low, and that was it.

i pressed on the BLT to make sure the connectors had mated properly, but no changes. i then started poking around the BLT with another oscilloscope and all the JTAG points went high, and all the debug points were low except for one which had a 200MHz signal on it.

what else?

another thing i noticed was the arm spear600 soc was still getting hot. not burning hot, but still significantly warm, the FPGA wasn't getting noticeably hot, so this might be significant?

i also probed directly on the via dave used to get serial out, thinking maybe my wire could be broken inside the insulation, but nope, no activity at all.

does this spear600 chip also handle USB host? i wonder if the USB port dying could be due to some internal damage in that chip somehow and whatever had died inside killed the spear600 for good?

i really don't want to lose this scope, both because it's the nicest to use i have and because turning it into e-waste would be way too awful. I've been looking around to see if anyone sells the BLT board on ebay or elsewhere, since i damaged the connector, but no luck.


Yes the USB controller (2 of them) are on Spear600.

Put the BLT board back, connect the scope to your computer USB (use the USB port on the back of the scope). Turn audio on on the computer. Power on the scope and listen if the computer makes a sound blip indicating a USB device connected. Check the USB devices list in Device Manager for a new device or new unrecognized device. It may show up as Spear600 SOC or something. Post here what was the outcome.

Edit: provide adequate cooling to BLT module if you keep back cover removed. I use a PC fan blowing from the side and the fan is powered from a separate walwart PS.

Edit2: while the scope is open, check if the keypad flat cable is seated correctly, or re-seat it.


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