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EEVblog #978 - Keysight 1000X Hacking

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--- Quote from: Bud on November 25, 2021, 01:21:05 pm ---The value is in the PDF version of the schematic in reply #835. It was selected based on minimum ringing  in a circuit simulator with  step voltage applied to pin 3.

--- End quote ---

c31 and c13 are not noted :P

I've refreshed the PDF now, not sure how that happened.


Did you add a switch to turn on the waveform generator function?

I have not finished that part. Only controlled the gen via GPIB.


Checked the ID resistor, no problem. I found some others have the problems too.

The scope showed no waveforms, and indicate P/I-clock error.

Memeber pnv57 said:

--- Quote ---This happened to me, after I ripped the two terminals that are next to each  other on the BLT board.
I soldered them back, and got those errors.
Went back through, and soldered them all better, errors gone, now I have a trace.
The issue is that the trace would "jump" and the sine wave would be static (triggered) on the screen, but there would be a little step in it.
I went back though, and I added solder while bending each pin down to the board with a pick, and allowing the solder to harden before removing the pick.
This made all of the connections much better and fixed the problem for me.

I suggest that you remove and reinsert the BLT board, and if that doesn't work, use a pick and ensure each pin of the 4 connectors is firmly attached.
--- End quote ---

Honestly, I don't really understand what he's saying? By just re-inserting the BLT module can fix the error?
I have tried re-inserting many times but showed no improvement.

So, it looks like it's not the ID config resistor problem, but the soldering junction contact problem?

Any suggestion for my situation and comments? Please help, thank you!


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