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For 70 MHz, not for 200MHz. The IC used in EDUX front end amplifier is not capable of 200MHz.

For BW increase o EDU you must change the resistor on main board (original is 01B and you must change by 01C when you want to use id 24 with generator etc). After this action without changed FW the BW will go to 70MHz from 50MHz.

My story with EDUX type:
I have tried the upgrade, but before this I was having few days active trial licences because I made some work with SPI bus and I needed to analyze it.
In the first time I have changed the resistor on the board. Unit went from 50MHz to 70MHz, activate generator and more memory. See the attached photo.

After change FW (Bud1M 1000x series v. 1.2) uploaded by Anthocyanina, the BW went to 200MHz, but only few options were active, BUT serial decoding, sample rate etc. were deactivated!  I have tried to change FW back to original and bus decoding was again activated (trial).  I wanted to clear it. It was possible by changing year in clock one year back and switch off/on the unit. Then were only options by HW modify active (no bus decoding etc).
Now I have applied Bud1M 1000x series v. 1.2 again. After done, all options are now activated (incl. bus decoding, sample rate, BW 200MHz...).
So when you have trial licences active, on the first time you must clear them or some interaction with hacked FW will stand!

There is no wave generator on 1002A, the board is not populated with generator parts, you have to solder the parts.

Is this the resistor 'mod' I have to do on my EDUX1002A?
Add 15K on the left and add 10ohm on the right?

To TK:

You wrote: "The information you see in the screen is not changed, but the scope will boot into the mode set by the resistors.  You will see features that are only enabled on the DSOX, even when the information says EDUX...
The HW mod is required as the EDUX comes limited to 50MHz and no ext digital input on the additional BNC.  By adding the missing components and changing those that are different, you are enabling the HW to be ready to the soft configuration that is liberated by the FERCSA Hack."

Can you confirm that the correct resistors(mod) for my EDUX1002 are mentioned in the picture I uploaded?


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