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--- Quote from: TScarlet on June 16, 2023, 03:21:57 am ---Thx,I have tried,but still get UnSet Model and UnSet SN |O

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hmm! no idea then, i would say contact keysight about it, but they will completely ignore you if you're not a business. As long as that isn't affecting functionality, i would just ignore that.

Please, upload latest hack firmware for 1102g?

This is a few pages back, the latest I am aware of.

My DSOX1102A seems to have a flash corruption issue. As far as I understand this is a common issue with these scopes, which is theoretically fixable if you can actually access and write to the corrupted memory.

At first I tried looking into the U701 chip because this thread suggested that it might be possible to access the rest of the flash through doing something to that chip: But there doesn't seem to be any information on how to actually pull that off, and I got no responses to me asking there.

I am currently trying to connect to the J-LINK interface with my j-link edu mini, because to me, that seemed like the most obvious way to actually get access to the flash of the scope. But I am running into an:  "Error: CPU-TAP not found in JTAG chain" when trying to connect to it. The SPEAR600 cpu in the scope seems to be supported by my j-link, and I double checked all of the wiring. Also, I tried connecting to it after pulling off U701, in an attempt to get the CPU into a state where it might be more likely to accept me trying to access its J-link interface.
Also, someone seems to have already had some success in connecting to the CPU through the J-Link interface: so I am not sure why it isn't working for me. At this point I am kinda stuck on this one and not sure how I would continue troubleshooting this particular method.

There was also the suggestion in the afformentioned thread that building that stupidbear LAN card, and using that to write to flash. I am open to going that route, but before spending all that extra time, money, and effort, I would like to know how big a chance there is of that actually leading to success. And if there is any documentation on how to actually do it, so far I have seen a bunch of suggestions on how to go about repairing scopes with this issue, but nothing in terms of recorded cases of successful fixes.

To enable JTAG you have to pull high a couple lines as shown in a picture in Reply #530. You can also check with Spear600 manual how to enable JTAG. I've done that and it worked, though i did not use it to upload the firmware.


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