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Haven't seen a bingo card for EEVBlog anywhere and it seems like a dire community oversight. So, here I am to fill that void. Feel free to reproduce and especially to adapt or improve the design and phrase choice -- I made this while procrastinating and mostly from memory!

For the blind (or robotic, or folks having trouble with my handwriting), it reads:

| Trap for young players | Whack it in | Wan hong lu brand | Come-a-gutser | aMURRica! |
| For the X afficionados | Upside-down - electrons'll fall out! | Bobby dazzler! | Get your tongue a the right angle | Bueller? Bueller? |
| Thing of beauty - joy forever | Let's have a squizz | Free square: don't turn it on, take it apart! | Diodeee | For all the X fanboys |
| That's a bit how-ya-doin' | There's the money shot | Sweet as! | *SNIFFF* - wish this was smell-o-vision | Flapping around in the breeze |
| For those playing along at home | Bob's your uncle | Made by nude virgins (and/or graybeards) | In like Flynn! | Melfs |

Terrible Muriel



You forgot "Yankee Dollars" :)


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