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Here, your beloved Australian's SkyNEWS TV ....  >:D

Geez  ... the brain washing is so intense.  :-DD

I guess in down under there people are shouting .. How dare China be so close to US military bases! Shame on them !!!  :-DD

I thought this might fit here

--- Quote ---TikTok's owner ByteDance has been accused of allowing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members to access the data of Hong Kong civil rights activists and protesters.

Users who uploaded "protest-related content" were also identified and monitored, former ByteDance executive Yintao Yu alleges in a US court filing.
The CCP members were also able to access US TikTok user data, Mr Yu says.

A ByteDance spokesperson denied the claims, describing them as "baseless".
The allegations are contained in a San Francisco Superior Court filing made this week as part of a lawsuit brought by Mr Yu.

In the filing, Mr Yu claimed that members of a CCP committee had access to a "superuser" credential, which was also known as "god user", which allowed them to view all data collected by ByteDance.
He also alleged that the committee members were not ByteDance employees but were physically present at the company's offices in Beijing.
--- End quote ---

For some reason I have no problem in believing Mr Yu.  ;D

But Big Brother loves you.

The CCP is a fully orwellian construct. While I personally don't mean to tell other countries what they should do within their own borders - so China can be orwellian to their heart's content - I certainly won't like for them to get past their borders for this kind of uh, delicacies.

Thanks in advance.


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